There is a terrible secret hidden behind your latest assignment.
            It supposed to be a simple theft as usual, but something went terribly
                wrong. Nothing seems to be as it looks,... when the forces of darkness
            are involved, nothing is going to be easy anymore.


                   - beautiful graphic
                   - lots of animations
                   - absorbing and surprising story
                   - challenging quests, riddles and puzzles
                   - interesting characters
                   - different environments
                      from underwater  to mountains of Tibet

App Store Link: Demons' Land

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This is not a walktrough, these are hints to specific locations.

But be aware of this:

reading notes for a specific location may spoil your game.

Office <== click Here

Tibet <== click Here

Street <== click Here

Coffin <== click Here

Underwater <== click Here

Lokalizator <== click Here

In front of the house <== click Here

The attic <== click Here

The cell on the attic <== click Here

The hall <== click Here

The bathroom <== click Here

The kitchen <== click Here

The cabinet <== click Here

The bedroom <== click Here

The library <== click Here

The secret room <== click Here

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